Nos belles nationales (collection 1)

Les photographes conseillent toujours de prendre les photos au lever ou au coucher du soleil, ou sous un ciel voilé. Je trouve que sur les voitures, la lumière dure d’une après midi d’été peut être tout aussi belle…


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  1. malgay651 dit :

    Many years ago there was a movie called Smoke (Harvey Keitel(?) was the main actor – I think), shot in New York City(?), which had as it main part, I photographer (who operated the corner tobacconist) taking a photo at 8am every morning on the same corner, same direction, capturing life at a point in time.
    Capturing life as it happen to go by.
    Your photo evokes the same memory in me, while perhaps nothing would be happening in this exact same spot for an eternity, along comes this cavalcade of interesting man made engineering passing thru and then, as quick as it started, again there is nothing.
    Wonderful images and the cars, oh the cars.


    1. My French Heaven dit :

      I shot those 2 years ago at this incredible rallye we have near a town called Angouleme every year in September. My favorite weekend of the year! This week I am planning on shooting a raspberry red Austin Healey. I met the owner one day in front of the bakery as I was getting my croissants. He was quite cold at first wondering why I was taking pictures of his car with my phone. Then he saw the blog and the athmosphere became much friendlier 🙂


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