Sacré Fantomas

J’ai retrouvé Fantomas. Il réside en Gironde. Très abordable; drôle parfois. Pas pris une ride…

Propriétaire: Pascal Boidron

Photographe: Stéphane Gabart

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  1. malgay651 dit :

    Imaginative photos with such a gorgeous classic car. With the homogeneous car designs today these cars still look futuristic today.
    Such a simple uncluttered design and the ride, so soft.

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    1. My French Heaven dit :

      To me the DS Is simply the most photogenic car of all times. Not my all time favorite, but one of the best for art projects…

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  2. malgay651 dit :

    Just found a 2cv (1987) for sale in the Australian market and they want €14,500.
    A late model DS Pallas in concourse condition sold here recently in Autralia for €35,000
    As you said people see the value in these cars and they are beautiful to behold particularly the DS. Alas outside my price range too.


    1. My French Heaven dit :

      Wayyyy too expensive for the 2cv. A real one (pre 75) in showroom condition would be around 10 000€

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  3. malgay651 dit :

    Australia’s car industry is set up and sanctioned by the govt for us to continue to pay thru the nose for all our cars and we keep letting them do that to us. New S class MB nearly €200,000 etc
    I cry when I see what a Porsche or MB SL costs overseas compared to what your buy price is.
    Sorry I have skewed the conversation from your marvellous images, the DS is captured beautifully.
    Again thanks for sharing your images.
    As a famous writer once said in one of his books.
    « More please Sir »
    (when time permits).


    1. My French Heaven dit :

      More (much more) will come my friend. I’m thinking of starting a Youtube channel on classic cars. I would visit each week with a proud owner and shoot with a drone and everything… What do you think?

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  4. malgay651 dit :

    I think it is a great idea.
    I have one piece of guideance (only one you say, are you slowing down), can I recommend that you don’t spread yourself too thin.
    I know you to be a perfectionist, so if you allow plenty of time and you can fit it in fine, if not, do the pursuit you love the most. (Also then it is not work).
    Unlike business when you have to have many irons in the fire, with passions you set the agenda and prioritise what must be done and what can be done, if and when you have time.
    Not of that is to say you cannt do it all, or mix the two and do less of each.
    Can one be part of the journey to the next, like we chatted about, classic cars to a winery or restaurant.
    Creative talent often needs revitalisation (nourishing) with time out.
    You are the only one who can decide.
    Above all be kind to yourself.


    1. My French Heaven dit :

      I so agree with you and that is something I’ve been struggling with for a long time. I so wish I was one of those people who only have one passion and one goal. Maybe I can combine all of them as you said in one single concept… You are being so helpful with your feedback. You have no idea!



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